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Phoenix Art Zone

Phoenix Art Zone is a large comprehensive and interactive art zone consisting of children's creative art classes, creative handwork houses, art training for junior and senior students, art grading and adult interest classes.

It holds all kinds of theme parties, summer and winter camps, weekend parent-child activities, parent classes, public lectures and other colorful art activities all year round.

To build China's first brand of experiential art education.

Non-material Cultural Heritage Base
Fertile Field of Post-modern Art
Inspiring Space of Modern Art Aesthetics
Teenagers’ Free Creative Park
Joyful Family Garden

Phoenix Art Class - Art Training for Junior and Senior Students

Jiangsu Xishan Senior High School and Phoenix Arts Group build "Phoenix Art Class" together, focusing on the entrance exams of the nine important art academies in China.

Art Grading

The only social practice base of aesthetic education for elementary and secondary school students authorized by Wuxi Municipal Education Bureau.

The only art grading designated institution in Wuxi authorized by the National Ministry of Culture.

Art Base for Social Practice

Phoenix Art Zone has become an art base for the spring and autumn social practice of elementary school students, family activities of enterprises and public institutions, and other art activities in East China.