Phoenix Artist Materials produced canvas panels, whose core boards are made of high quality ribbed plates and double grey boards from Shandong and Canton China. Before the transportation to the material warehouse, these raw materials had been high-temperature pressed and dried then processed into paper boards with different thickness according to the needs of Phoenix. Strict inspections had been done to each group of these paper boards. The main purpose is to confirm whether the moisture content complies with the standard or not. Also, to ensure the inexistence of the signs of mould, warp and deformation, etc., making sure that only qualified paper boards can enter into next production process.
Experienced board cutting workers handle the core boards with precision machining, cutting into various shapes required by the specifications. QC personnel will inspect the finished core boards to guarantee that the four corners are right angles, two diagonal lines are in the same length and the dimensions are accurate. 
Workers, who are responsible for tailoring canvas, calculate and cut the canvas regarding to the size of canvas panel. Canvas can be selected relying on the quality standard during tailoring, making sure that node number on every square meter does not exceed the specified standard.
When paste up the board with canvas, we must pay special attention to the following points: firstly, to ensure the core board being seated in the middle of canvas with glue, and the four sides evenly folded up to cover the core board; secondly, four sides of the canvas should stick to the core board without any air bubbles, making sure that four corners are wrapped perfectly and professionally. 
Canvas paste up will follow by labeling. Now we need to notice that: first, label with glue at the back should evenly ground on the four sides of the board without any skew which could affect the appearance; second, when canvas panel going through veneer press with workers hands pressing on the label, crimples and air bubbles can not be left on the label affecting the appearance.
After labeling, the next step is canvas panel cleaning. Because of the above two steps, canvas paste up and labeling, stains could be found on the panel and the label. So that canvas panel has to be cleaned up. After being dried, QC personnel should inspect the moisture content of the clean canvas panel to find out whether it complies with the standard.
Last step is packaging. The qualified canvas panel will be placed into a poly bag and then sealed. According to the requirements of customers, canvas panels can be packed into single piece, two pieces and three pieces set and the like. After the vacuum forming, QC personnel will have a comprehensive inspection on the canvas panel, ensuring the inexistence of stains, warp and deformation, the good looking of the packaging and so on. After all these jobs being done, canvas panels can be packed into cartons for the transportation.